Each of our episodes of The Dugger Pawcast starts with a short teaser in which Stanley the Hotel Clerk encounters one of our historical dog guests and their traveling companion(s). The remaining portion of the podcast is an interactive session between Dugger, Marcy from Marketing and their guests. We have written each episode based on historical research and hope that it provides a nice mix of both entertaining content and insight about the historic dogs being interviewed.

We have sprinkled a Dugger Dinners commercial or two within the podcast; check out the bonus content clip on YouTube (between series creator Ken and Dugger) to learn more about why that is the case.

For the first few episodes, you will hear some names that you recognize – like Fido and Rover – and learn why these have become such famous dog names. We have plans for many additional stories. Feel feel free to offer your suggestions by using the Contact Form on the Contact page to provide additional suggestions on who you would like to hear Dugger and his Team interview next!

Season 1

Dugger Pawcast: Promo Video

Audio clips from the first 3 episodes of the Dugger Pawcast. Hear Fido Lincoln checking into the hotel, a short intro for the Ground Zero hero dogs, and some ramblings from film star Rover and his publicist Rosie. 

BONUS CONTENT: Pawcast Team Meeting

Oh my Dog! Rare audio from a Dugger Pawcast Team meeting that provides a bit of insight into how the innovative new Dugger Pawcasts will work. Ken, the podcast creator, tries his best to reign in Dugger as best as he can.

EPISODE 1: Fido Lincoln – My Muddy Paws

Abraham Lincoln’s dog Fido becomes a great friend to the future president while he is living in Springfield, but things don’t exactly goes as you would think when the family heads to Washington City. Fido discusses the real story behind the photos that were taken later that made him a household name!


Episode 1 will be launched within podcast networks in addition to YouTube. 

EPISODE 2: Riley and Britney – The Hero Dogs of 9/11

In this episode, you will meet 2 of the hero dogs that worked tirelessly at Ground Zero after the 9/11 attacks. In this informative discussion, you will learn how these two became famous and tons about the role of search and rescue dogs – and their importance during national crises.


Episode 2 will be launched within podcast networks in addition to YouTube.

EPISODE 3: Rover – The First Dog of Film

Rescued by Rover makes the Hepworth family dog Blair a movie star in this groundbreaking British film from 1905. Blair (aka Rover) and his publicist Rosie discuss why the film was so groundbreaking for many reasons – and not just because it was the first film to star a dog. Rover and Rosie provide a bit of detail on another legendary bloody famous dog of the silver screen, Lassie. Ro

patience ollie

Scheduled Guests

Many famous dogs have been spotted going in and out Dugger’s Paddy Whack Studios in Speedway. They include the following: 

  • Balto and Togo: the hero dogs from the 1925 Sled Dog Relay team
  • Pushinka: JFK’s dog with famous Russian ancestry (the first dogs in space!)
  • Spuds Mackenzie: This guy will surely be trouble