The duggeR PAWCASt hosts

Dugger, the face of the Dugger Dinners franchise, leads each of our interviews with famous dogs. While admittedly Dugger is a little light on his research, Dugger’s AI-generated voice is excitement-filled and brings energy to the conversation. And although his voice is parodied, Dugger is a real dog – a 14-year old bichon-frise shihtzu mix.   

Marcy from Marketing is the quintessential researcher and keeps the podcast on track, despite Dugger’s bursts of excitement. She represents the true nature of the Dugger Dinners culture – an interest in anything that’s related to dogs, but she thinks Dugger can often be a little bit over-the-top.


Stanley is the Dugger hotel VIP Concierge and begins each of the podcasts by finding famous guests at the hotel check-in. But just because he’s a VIP hotel clerk – doesn’t mean that Dugger doesn’t make him work like a dog! He is also a member of the AI technology team – and gets credit for wiring the hotel lobby with AI technology so that famous dogs can speak when they check-in! 

The Human Element

  • Colin Larson is our audio engineer and producer and is responsible for making the podcast work. All of the music that you hear in the podcast was also written and recorded by Colin.

  • Ken Barlow is the founder of Dugger Dinners and series creator – and importantly, is Dugger’s dad. He writes the majority of the episodes and coordinates the AI technology for the podcast.

AI Technology

The Dugger Pawcast is one of the first audio dramas to feature 100% AI-powered voices – and its certainly the first one to feature talking dogs! 

We leverage the technology of Murf.AI – a great technology partner that provides des us an incredibly wide array of voice-over options and a variety of advanced functions that enable us to speed up, tone up, or add emphasis within the speech. 

While there are tradeoffs between AI and human voices, with AI, we can infuse our podcast with a wide variety of voice options to reflect the wide range of expected guests.

But since it’s really a task of powering the thoughts of dogs and giving them a speaking voice, Dugger has concluded its the best way to give a real voice to some of the most famous dogs in history!