Meet Dugger!

The Pet Friendly Champion

Dugger is a 14-year old Bichon-Frise Shih Tzu mix who is the face of the Dugger Dinners franchise. 

While it’s an animated version of Dugger that serves as our chief branding symbol, Dugger remains at the heart of our planning and decision-making for the company.  He’s truly the Face of the Franchise!

What We Do

Dugger Dinners provides pet friendly destinations with products, policies, and processes – so that your hotel, restaurant, or brewery is not just pet tolerant, but truly pet friendly. We streamline the pet registration process and enable you to drive revenue from guests with pets.

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Our Why

When Founder Ken Barlow was traveling with his best friend Dugger, he found that once paying his hotel pet fee, Dugger was all but forgotten. This made what could have been a great experience, only a so-so one for both of them. Ken aimed to change that. Dugger Dinners is the first pet services company created specifically to serve the pet friendly needs of the hospitality industry. We provide hotels, restaurants, AirBNBs, breweries, and state parks a complete solution to ensure that visiting dogs have a first-rate experience.

Our How

The Dugger team has worked hard to source, assemble and present a collection of products that today’s pet parents have shown they want through current purchase trends. Further, with careful attention to feedback from Hoteliers, AirBnB hosts, Brewery managers and even Festival Planners (yea, you heard us), we learned that it’s not just about the products – it’s the attention to detail in communicating policy, displaying appealing materials, and highlighting both indoor and outdoor amenities that round out a guest’s interactions with a venue. Together, these are the things that improve a guest experience, produce positive reviews, and in the end, help boost traffic and revenue.

The Dugger Promise

Good for Dogs

Natural, healthy snacks for dogs. We do our best to avoid artificial flavors and colors and preservatives. We are compliant at the state level(s) and always list ingredients. And no more pups salivating at the café table and potentially disturbing others. Forgotten bowls or toys? Forget about it – they’re covered!

Good for Guests

Pet parents feel good about what they are giving their furry kids. Further, guests clearly understand the policy and how to find what they need. Most importantly, hotel guests feel like their pet fee has meaning and their pal is getting the royal treatment. Food venue guests feel assured they can keep their dogs calm and engaged with a water bowl and healthy snacks, not hand-offs from the table. This allows those valued guests to relax, stick around, and order more.

Good for your Venue

Safe food means fewer gastrointestinal issues, (and cleaning bills), and for hotels: clear policies translate to fewer guest issues and diverted staff resources. Finally, happy, well taken-care-of guests begets positive reviews, higher booking rates from search, and more re-bookings. Bars and restaurants can count on higher foot traffic and more ordering from relaxed patrons.

Our Featured Products


Just some of the clients on our growing customer list

What Our Clients Say

“Yeah, how pet friendly are we, really ... if we don't have anything for the dogs?”
Hotel Manager
Our 1st On-Site Prospect Meeting
“People don't travel with their pets because they have to, they travel with them because they want to.”
Hotel Receptionist
Our 2nd On-Site Prospect Meeting
“My dogs are my world! And they love their Dugger Dinner bowls as much as their expensive toys!”
Dog Owner